Not too long ago waxing was the secret domain of wax "gurus" that worked behind closed doors with their magical formulas. Well, the truth is that waxing is based on some easily understood scientific principles. Spend a few hours educating yourselves and you will own that knowledge, and the benefits that go with it, forever. At the beginning it will seem like a lot of information, but with time it will become second nature. So read the following sections and become your own expert.
Snow friction: Understand the problem, master the solution.
Wax theory: (New information, read carefully) Problem solving tools and how they work.
Choosing a wax system: There are many tools out there. Think about your needs, go over the tool list, and choose the right tool for you.
Base preparation methodology: You got the right tools, now use them to maximum advantage.
Competition day strategy: Prepare for the expected (and the unexpected).